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  • Market Ally is a marketing solutions support firm that connects businesses from a variety of verticals across locations through its proven lead generation and appointment setting strategies. By combining the strengths of its experienced people, expansive processes, and innovative platforms, the marketing support leader enables companies to build mutual relationships with industry peers that can help them reach target revenue growth and expansion goals.

Our Services

Drive your sales with qualified business leads and meetings

Market Ally arms you with the data, people, strategies, and tools needed to execute your lead gen plan to perfection. We’ll help you build a solid lead generation process to capture the interest of your best buyers, develop them into warm prospects through nurturing and create a faster route to sales.

From a database of thousands of contacts, we filter high value accounts to build a strong database for your LEAD GENERATION & APPOINTMENT SETTING campaign.

The process is carried out through a multi-channel outreach which consists of calling, email, chat, social media, instant messaging, and webinar, which aims to engage your ideal customers, uncover their pain points, and get them to agree to speak with you for a chance to take the deal to a close.

The concept starts with your messaging, then down to our care to forge it into a comprehensive presentation through our WEBINAR & VIRTUAL EVENTS MARKETING solution.

Our end-to-end support covers pre-event promotion such as content creation, invitation, and registration, which flows through event facilitation that includes practice sessions, attendee engagement, and Q and A moderation. and cap the campaign with post-event tasks like reports, audience feedback, and event metrics.

We started in North America, and subsequently spawned APAC, Canada, the UK, and now we’re in Latin America - an expansion empowered by CROSS-BORDER MARKETING.

With our multiregional presence, backed by a global data of contacts and geography insights, we can help you explore new markets from coast to coast without the hassle of frequently traveling to cater client meetings or building local infrastructures in your target locations.

Industries We Serve

Lead Generation and Sales Development Services
tailored for your Industry

Information Technology

Win access to a huge list of significant IT decision makers such as CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers & Directors, and other top information technology execs from your target enterprises who are in need of information collection, processing, and distribution through our lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

Software Services

Get hold of potential clients that require development, operation, support and use of your Operating System, SaaS, Information Security, IOT, etc., with our multi-touch, multi-channel marketing strategies.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Broaden your manufacturing and distribution potentials by reaching more ideal clients through the right outreach channel at the right time, and overcome market competition with steady flow of highly converting leads, resulting in increased profitability.

Medical and Healthcare

Thrive with industry marketing trends by leveraging our multi-channel outreach strategy that utilizes chat, call, email, webinar, and social network in finding ideal clients who could benefit from your healthcare services, goods, and devices.

Financial Services

Expand your customer pipeline with highly convertible leads through our lead generation program that uses marketing tactics that can get hold of your target decision makers through channels where they are most active.


Connect with relevant contacts to speed up the decision making process via our lead nurturing schemes and a multi-channel outreach using voice, email, chat, social media, webinar, and instant messaging.


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